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About the Campaign

Join the movement for change. Friends of Frankie McCurley, for House District 40, is a totally grassroots campaign that aims to create a better future for everyone living in the Ewa plain. Our mission is to strengthen our community by bringing faith back into society, hold our leaders accountable, and fight for solutions that will benefit all of House District 40.


Together, we can build the community we can all call home.

My Story

I’m Frankie McCurley, and I am humbly requesting to be your Republican candidate for the State House of Representatives here in District 40, which includes Lower Ewa Villages, Ewa, parts of Ewa Beach, and Iroquois Point.

Let’s break the ice—I’m no different than any one of you.

Peek into my professional journey:

As a veteran Chief Petty Officer, I served in the world’s greatest Navy for over sixteen and a half years. I had to say goodbye to that career after being honorably discharged due to a medical condition. Since then, I've spent nearly a decade at Hawaiian Electric and now I work a regular nine-to-five job as a member of the Management Team at a local shopping center.

On the personal side, I've been happily married for almost 28 years, have a wonderful daughter who recently married, a son-in-law who is a Marine, and my wife and I are proud to be grandparents to our first grandson, born last year.


  •      Liberty University, (EdS, Curriculum and Instruction)

  •      Liberty University, (MDiv, Pastoral Ministries)

  •      Ordained with the Restoration Movement of Christian Churches

  •      Grantham University, (BS, Computer Science)

  •      Grantham University, (AS, Computer Science)

Remember when it comes time - Vote - "MCCURLEY for HD 40"

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